Dental Implants for a Beautiful Smile in Tallahassee, Florida

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root that a periodontist places into your jaw to hold a replacement tooth or bridge. Dental implants can be a wonderful option for people in good general oral health who have lost a tooth or teeth due to periodontal disease, an injury, or some other reason. While high-tech in nature, dental implants are actually more tooth saving than traditional bridgework, since implants do not rely on neighboring teeth for support. An exam is required in order to determine the suitability of implant therapy to replace a tooth that has been or will be extracted.

Implant Questions:

What does getting an implant involve?

If you are healthy and don't smoke and have adequate bone an implant may often be placed very successfully without bone grafting or sutures and minimal soreness. JDB

How soon after a tooth is extracted should I get an implant?

When a tooth is extracted the bone immediately begins to resorb or disappear. If the implant can be placed immediately or within 2-3 months there may be adequate bone for an implant that doesn't need bone grafting which will have less cost and less soreness. JDB

How long after the implant do I have to wait for the crown?

If the bone is normal the implant's crown can usually be placed three months after the implant was placed. There is no scientific way to determine how soon is too soon but three months has been shown to be very successful. I did have a patient see me for a loose implant. His dentist placed an implant and crown with only 2 weeks healing which was obviously too soon in this case. We were able to place a new implant and then wait three months and he now has a stable implant tooth. JDB

How successful are implants?

Again if you are healthy and have good bone they are one of the most successful of all medical procedures with generally 95% success. They are considered more long lasting than bridges which can decay or put extra forces on supporting teeth. Drilling the teeth for a bridge also can cause some teeth to need root canals. Uncontrolled diabetes, clenching, steroids, and especially smoking can reduce the success. JDB

Please check back for future additions of information regarding dental implants as an option to replace missing teeth.


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